One year at Meditab Inc. designing the EHR.

This is all about my one year journey of design in my career’s first company, where I got to work on one of the worst design cases of the world, that is Design of Electronic Health Records(Commonly known as EHRs and EMRs). Below, I have shared my journey how I started as a lone designer with designing upto 1000s of screens, created a design system for developers and advocating the value of design among the team members.

Note: Due to NDA signed, I would not be able to share any screen but I can share some part of the work I did to understand EHR users and their workflows.

About the Company

Meditab Inc. is a USA based MNC company having a 20 years of experience in developing EHRs, and have offices in multiple locations like India, Philippines and USA. The company is specialised in developing the EHR software and other healthcare softwares for the US healthcare system. The project I am working on is also an EHR project which is a web based EHR. It’s already been 2 years in the development and testing. And I was being hired to improve the UI of the product and in future the User experience of the product.

Design Work

Tools I used

Adobe XD
I used the Adobe XD tool to create the high-fidelity user interfaces of the screen from the low-fidelity wireframes.

Adobe Illustrator
I used Adobe Illustrator to create new icons to be used in the system and converted them into the font-icons from the icomoon website.

Invision studio
I used Invision studio to create high-fidelity prototypes to give the demo of how some of the screen would work in real product.

Project work

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