I am Aman Gupta,UX/UI Designer.

I am skilled in creating meaningful User experiences through designing
beautiful interfaces.


One year at Meditab Inc. designing the UX of EHR.

In my one year of Meditab Inc, a US based healthcare company, I have designed the user experience of the EMR product and designed a design system from scratch for developers to remain on the same page for the purpose of consistency of the software.

Read my complete journey in Meditab so far.

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Redesigning the UI of UX stack Exchange Home Page

In this case study, I have focused on the UI part of the home page of UX stack exchange site and found some issues in the UI of the page and eventually redesigned the UI to look it more simple and modern.

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Designed a Medium App feature

I have conceptualised and designed a new feature for the medium app users to create a personal collections of articles and call them your realist just like we can create watchlist in youtube and playlists in spotify.

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Designed an app, Along, to let people watch and listen together.

Considering the things that people love to do in a group, I have designed an app where people can create different groups and watch shows, videos from different apps and listen to music together in a single place.

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Hi, I am a full time UX/UI Designer currently working in a company which is focused on developing EHR solutions for USA providers.

I believe iterative experiments, empathy, communication and collaboration are the four pillars of a good design. Where empathy helps me in my design process to understand people and their problems which ultimately motivates me to experiment with different solutions so that my end result could a meaningful and useful design. I use my visual designs skills to give users something to which they can communicate. Good Design is all about the team work. Only a team who understands the value of good design can yield delightful and intuitive user experience which is only possible with right communication and collaboration of everyone in the team.

I am graduated from the computer science degree, But towards the ending of my degree I got more interested in the process of the design, Because there I feel more empathetic and connected to the people with listening to their problems directly and designing something to solve their problems.

Believes In
I believe in constant experimentation, good management and karma.

Other than designing the user experience, I love to write and speak on entrepreneurship and motivation, and I put all my thoughts on Sink In.

Thanks for Dropping in here.